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Certificate of Insurance Review

Value to Customer: Helps you stay compliant with your customer’s requirements as well as better understand the impact of the additional wording they request. We review each certificate request for accuracy and provide 24-hour turn-around time to avoid operational delays and prevent costly insurance audits. Our team reviews the wording requested by each of your certificate holders and also notifies you of any negative impact this wording could create to your risk management program.

Construction Planning

Value to Customer: Saves you money by pre-construction risk management planning. When building new facilities or adding onto existing, sometimes things like protection class, construction type, water source and regulatory compliance is not included in pre-construction planning. When done properly, this sets the stage for eliminated future exposures.

Contract Review

Value to Customer: Helps you better understand the impact of your contracts. We are not attorneys and will not pretend to be, but we will review your contracts from the risk management perspective. We will identify insurance requirements of the contract and provide you feedback on how this will impact your policy. Also, we will advise you on adverse wording that should be further reviewed with your attorney to determine if the wording is acceptable.

Property Valuation

Value to Customer: Keeping you informed of any increased costs of construction and changes in building codes. We will provide a regular property valuation on your business locations and if needed, utilize outside services to better determine large building, personal property and inventory values. This will help you determine your true value of the property and better manage the value.

Disaster Plan Consultation

Value to Customer: Helps you reduce costly downtime in the event of a loss. Understanding the impact of a loss is the key to maintaining your profits. We will review your current disaster plan and help identify any possible bottlenecks that could affect you. We then strategize on available resources to help get your business back to full profitability.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Projection Review

Value to Customer: Saves you money by identifying mistakes when calculating your experience mod. It also helps you better manage for future expansions and job costing. Insurance providers use EMR to calculate the premium taking into account claims and injuries your company has had in the past, and the corresponding costs. We will review and verify this calculation to help predict future changes as well as the accuracy of your current EMR.

Occupational Health Services Review

Value to Customer: Helps reduce loss-time injuries and better manage your return-to-work program minimizing the costs of claims. This can be a tricky process and typically is not managed properly. What makes us different is we work with your team to interview occupational health clinics near your facility to determine which is best for your risk management program.

Regulatory Compliance

Value to Customer: Prevents costly fines, improves employee morale and reduces claims. We have hands-on experience in the management of regulatory compliance. This experience allows us to provide you another set of eyes to help with your regulatory compliance efforts. We have partnered with a national regulatory compliance (HSE) firm and our insurance providers help you achieve your goals.

Claims Review

Value to Customer: Saves you money by monitoring reserves, identifying claim patterns and better manages open claims. This will help identify a claim and implement corrective actions to eliminate or manage existing exposures. We will schedule regular meetings throughout the year to help control cost and keep reserves as low as possible. Our in-house claims department will work with you to ensure your claim is being managed properly until closed and also that open reserves are managed throughout the process.

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